dancerposeMay07Gail Bruner is the owner and founder of  Callikinetics (beautiful movement) yoga for adults and beginning strength training for seniors.

In 2015 Gail completed the Iyengar apprenticeship program at Sunset Yoga Center in Portland, Oregon.

She is a former competitive gymnast with over 30 years of teaching experience. Gail has a B.S. in  Therapeutic Recreation and  a Teaching Certification in Elementary Education. She was a competitive swimmer; her current hobbies are hanging out with horses.  Some of her achievements and training follow:

  • University of Oregon Gymnastic Team. Eugene, OR
  • Most Valuable Athlete Masters Swimmer. Seattle, WA
  • Hospice Volunteer, South West Hospital. Vancouver, WA
  • PICA Artist. Portland, OR
  • Pride Foundation. Portland, OR
  • Living Yoga Volunteer. Portland, OR
  • Iyengar Yoga Apprencticement Program. Portland, OR